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Online LIVE TEFL Certification
Course description
The ONLINE Automated 120-Hour TEFL certification is a course on the base of web-platform "Your Agora". EFL trainees gradually acquire new skills and have sufficient practice to apply them to teaching and get immediate feedback from their TEFL trainer.

The course includes: teaching methodology, classroom management, how to teach accent reduction and interesting grammar classes. The greater portion of the time is spent on preparing, teaching, and evaluating EFL classes.

Apart from traditional assessments throughout the program, each unit contains a hands-on (practicum) task that prepares you for what you must do for lesson planning later in the program. The course is designed to quickly teach you the steps to designing lessons that are prerequisites for high-energy classes. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and the know-how, so students look forward to participating in your classes from the very first day on.
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Teaching English as
a Foreign Language Certification
For iTTi community members
till August 1st
Get certified easily from home!

Duration: 4 weeks (120 hours) at your own pace
Format: 20 units on a learning platform "Your Agora" with feedback from your TEFL trainer
Sessions: 4 hours (1 hour per week) with TEFL trainer - optional
Textbooks: included
Career support: included
Bonus: 1 Online Specialization course FOR FREE, 10% discount for further purchases
Teaching Practicum: Yes
Certificate: Yes
Badge: iTTi 120-Hour TEFL Certification with Teaching Practicum
Deadline: August 1st