How long does the TEFL/TESOL course last?
It lasts 4 weeks (120 hours)
What are the requirements to enroll the TEFL course?
You must be at least 18 years old and have a decent English level.
Can I get certified if I'm not an English native speaker?
Yes, you can. We will test your English level.
C1 is acceptable. B2 is acceptable with proof of additional classes.
Is there any assistance with job searching?
Yes there is. We will assist you in setting up your CV. We will provide you with school and/or recruiter information in the destination of your choice. Moreover, as a graduate you become a lifetime member of our global community that shares job postings, travel information, teaching tips, blogs and more.
Do I need to have a degree?
No, however having a degree will open up even more doors for you.
Will I have to take a test upon the completion of the program?
Yes, you will. There is a TEFL Trainer certification test to be taken at the end of the program. You will be awarded an iTTi TEFL certificate, the sample of which you can find on page "Accreditation & Affiliation".
What happens if I fail the test?
We will give you study material. You can retest after one week. The first retesting is free of charge. After that, there is a per-test fee.
Will my TESOL certificate be accepted at schools around the world?
Yes, it will. Our program contains a live teaching practicum with real English students. Your badge will state the "teaching practicum".
Is iTTi a trusted organization?
Yes, we are. iTTi's 120-Hour TEFL certifications are accredited by the State Department of the U.S., European Global School, IATEFL, TESOL International and many others.
You can learn more on page "Accreditation & Affiliation".