iTTi SoE Accreditation &

Membership in Global
English Language
Testing Society
The goal of our work at ELT Society is to promote excellence in our English language testing—whether in large-scale or in small-scale testing–in our international community. Working in such an organization supports us to develop worldwide guidelines and adopt best practices for iTTi language assessment worldwide.
National Council of Teachers
of English
Our organization is member of NCTE – the Professional Home of the Language Arts Community. NCTE devotes its work toward the improvement of teaching and learning English.
NCTE is the leading partner in giving educators a voice as the educational landscape changes and the needs of teachers from pre-K through college evolve.
National Association of the Teaching of English
TTi School of English is institutional member of NATE. This organization promotes standards of excellence in the teaching of English. It supports teachers in their quest to improve their professional development. It encourages collaboration and sharing between teachers and learners of English and its related subjects.
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
ACTFL sets benchmarks, educates language teachers, and unites the creative forces of their members in the pursuit of making U.S. education excellent. In our work, ACTFL has profoundly influenced some of the content creation for our English courses and contributed to making them up to date with new advances in language teaching.
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